Welcome to the Admin Mission

What is the Admin Mission? My admin mission is not to "work for" an organization, but to have a hand in making it what it is today...and what it will be tomorrow.


I offer employers and employees a vision of staffing focused on initiative, flexibility and employee ownership of their roles.


The complexity of our environments and the rate of change make the concept of “my job” as a static structure obsolete. As an employee I have tasks – a job description – that I am responsible for executing with excellence 100% of the time. But that static description is just the beginning.


I am constantly observing the business and how it’s operating, and asking myself, “What does my department need most from me right now?” and "Where should this role be six months and a year from now, and what do I do today to make that happen?"


I have been a buyer and an IT analyst, but my most significant, lasting contributions arose from asking what the organization’s greatest needs were and then figuring out how I could contribute to fulfilling those needs. My job – the real job for all of us in administration – is “change agent”. Making certain that our role produces better results next year than this year. And repeat.

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